Sunday, August 11, 2013

HBL A0068 - Personal Database

be it established that the government shall create a personal database for all persons. this PDB will include different sections including school, work, citizenship, medical, personal, sexual, and so forth.

each item in the database will have an associated permission for each person or group of people with regards to levels of access. for example, whether or not you are home will be green if you are home and they are allowed to know it, red if you are not home and they are allowed to know, and yellow if they are not allowed to know. another example may be green means i'm interested in toy trains and everyone can know about it, red i'm not interested in toy trains or i don't want anyone to know whether i am, and yellow if whether you can know is dependent on some other criteria which may or may not have been met or if you aren't allowed to know. the only information which is certain is if you definitely want someone to know that the answer to their query is yes.

orange can be used for when you don't want someone to know something, but you want them to know that you don't want to know it and blue can be used for when you do want someone to know something but it's dependent on other criteria that haven't been met. think of blue as a waiting for confirmation state and orange as a personalised negative.