Friday, September 21, 2012

HBL-A0050 - An Analogy of Personality Types it resolved that:

People are like plant:
  • Flowers - There are some who are just pretty or interesting to watch, such as Paris Hilton, who make the world a little nicer place to live just by existing.
  • Vegetables - Some people don't particularly contribute to the good of the world, or of society, but they try their best to be good people and any shortcomings in their actions are no fault of their own due to being misled or misinformed. They try not to harm anyone, they contribute productively in whatever way they see fit as a positive action and generally don't cause any problems for those around them.
  • Fruits - These people are the philosophers, the teachers, the activists... they both work hard to make the world a better place and do so conscientiously. Their every motive and act can be traced to a reasoned analysis of its cause and results and they are generally blameless, even overcoming some of the shortcomings pressed upon them by society. Even if they are not successful in this regard, they have done their best both to do the right thing And to fully prepare their minds with a logical framework within which to act. This is what separates them from the Vegetables - a Vegetable may do the right thing but they put little if any serious contemplation into why it is the right thing; their philosophy is immature.
  • Weeds - Everyone else is a weed, merely taking up space needed by better, more deserving beings than themselves, or a poisonous weed, dedicated to their own good at the expense of any and all who surround them. They do not deserve to be here taking up resources needed by other, good, people.