Friday, September 21, 2012

HBL-A0054 - Anti-Logic it resolved that:

In this world we do things like making people pay for not having money and such.

There may be no more obtuse form of bullshit than this.

Making people pay for their own jail/prison stays. For the priviledge of being punished. And no, the cost is never considered to be part of the punishment. Make those who already have no money have even less, and thus less chance of ever getting ahead, and thus a greater reason to be a criminal

Making people pay for child-support without giving them custody equal to what they pay. Now they have reason to hate. And reason to not-comply because rather than being fair to the child, the entire situation is only against them. There happens to be more than just the child's interest involved there, not that the child's interest is ever properly measured.

Federal disaster money doesn't go to the people who had to put up with the disaster, it goes to the state, to pay for things related to the disaster. Sure, some of that money is well placed, to pay for things which affected everyone, but for the most part it's tossed into the big pot of government where they have plenty of money already by taking it from those people who were hurt.

If you kill a pregnant woman, you get two charges. What if you didn't know she was pregnant? What if She didn't know she was pregnant? What if it was your baby and you never would have killed her had you known? What if the baby would have been stillborn? This issue was tossed into the illogic pot known as law without so much as batting an eye at the particulars which Will come up in every single individual case.

In this country, if a woman is bothering the shit out of you, and has stolen from you, all she has to do is lie (on top of it all) and suddenly the government will be on her side. Your movements will be restricted, she will have control over where you can be by being there herself to keep you away. Rather than even examining the issue to determine whether she told the truth, you will immediately be laden with even more trouble. You will be required to take your own time, money, and trouble to court to even attempt to reverse this extreme injustice, and that doesn't even count that they'll probably take her side in any "your word against hers" scenario. In order to get back to zero you'll have to beat the case Against You, and then pay your own time and money Again to file suit against her on the Chance of getting justice. If you do anything toward justice on your own, they'll throw you in jail and complications will compound even further. Just like that, even though she was entirely in the wrong from the beginning and deserved steps taken against her, she can have your entire life ruined. This is the tip of the iceberg, it only counts general harassment, not a case like rape.