Thursday, September 20, 2012

HBL-A0007 - Ownership of Media it resolved that:

when you purchase media you own it and all meta content, in highest quality released, in perpetuity, for your own and fair use. this includes full sale or inheritance purposes. These rights are not separable. In other words, if you transfer a particular physical copy of that media, all associated rights travel with it.

  • Whoever purchases a book, movie, album, software, or other similar media, will own that item forever. The right to the item may not be passed to descendants and it may not be sold unless every instance of that item in possession of the owner is transferred as well.
  • This law is intended to prevent someone from having to purchase additional copies of an item at full price because their original was lost or stolen. They may still be required to pay a replacement cost based on the actual cost of the media and recording but that will remain outside the cost of the material which is recorded.