Friday, September 21, 2012

HBL-A0046 - Children and Sex it resolved that:

As a society, we've got a hoard of double-standards regarding this issue.

First of all, child pornography. This crime is unique in that the stigma and penalties associated with watching the crime being committed are similar in nature to those of committing the crime itself. Ludicrious! Since when is viewing a crime almost as bad as doing the crime? And why this particular crime? It's not illegal to have pictures of someone being shot, stabbed, etc. Hell, we see it in living color on CNN all the time. The point is, we're not holding this category of crime to any reasonable or logical standards.

That all begs the question, "Is any harm actually done?" Many would say yes by default. That is an absurd, blatently illogical position. For harm to be done, they "victim" must be either unwilling or unable to make their own decisions (and there's only Potential harm there). There are several millions of people under the age of 18 who are ready, willing, and able to engage in sexual activity. Furthermore, I know personally several over 21 who are not ready, and may never be. The simple fact is, noone is really prepared their first time... nor should they be, it's a natural part of the process. The greatest expert of all, Mother Nature, says they're physically ready, noone can argue with that, and kids today may be more sophisticated culturally then ever before in history. Only in a few twisted cultures are kids not considered ready to be married off and sent on their way shortly after puberty. Granted, the more time you have to prepare, the better off you'll be, but the point stands. They are as ready as they need to be. Most kids 15-16 know more about sex now then their parents ever will.

We here at Elite Inc. are firm believers in the adage "No Victim, No Crime". Whenever you try to protect someone from themselves, you do a disservice to them and a crime against freedom. It's time that people shut the fuck up about their biases and let people decide for themselves what's right and wrong for them. Being against children having sex has no moral foundation and is not supported by any known facts.

This is a very disturbing trend which began with child pornography, that is, the path to child pornography being outlawed. From the initial child abuse there is presumption after presumption - that the child cannot consent based on the legal age in that state, that taking pictures of the act is as bad as the act itself, that distribution of the pictures is as bad as taking pictures of the act, that acquisition of the pictures is as bad as taking pictures of the act, that viewing the pictures is as bad as the acquisition of the pictures. The point here is that things many many steps removed from the actual harm are increasingly being treated as though they are just as bad as the initial harm itself. This is a terrible path to be on.