Friday, September 21, 2012

HBL-A0055 - Universal Enfranchisement it resolved that:

whoever raises an objection to a law's usefulness or applicability will have the initial stages of that objection handled at no expense to themselves other than time. Those stages will include only material which may fit that person's view of the law except for a simple and concise breakdown of why the other side considers it valid. Any successful attack of a law which is mounted by them or their lawyers from that point on will be fully reimbursed by the government at such time as their case is successful;

The intent of this law is to prevent there ever being a possibility that someone finds an unlawful situation which they cannot correct because of resource issues. Any time someone feels there is a legal matter which needs to be dealt with, they may not be required to use their own resources to bring the matter to be dealt with;

Temporary: needs wording reworked. Valid under its intent, not it's specific wording.