Friday, September 21, 2012

HBL-A0045 - HB Structure it resolved that:

Haven/Bastion (formerly Elite Inc.) can be thought of in two ways. In its current iteration it is a militarily structured organization for improving the freedoms and resources of its members. The practical way of stating that is "Resources are to be gathered for their use and to provide them with as much seperation from the rest of the world as possible" so that our standards apply rather than those of wherever they happen to be.

Elite Inc. is also a government. We have in place a structure which would scale to cover an entire country if the opportunity or need arises. While the military structure remains intact in this larger variety, It is then relegated to those persuing official functions.

The two types of Elite Inc. structure co-exist in harmony by variety of scale. What this means is, as the organization grows larger, more governmental functions will come into play and the military aspects will find their place as the internal workings of that government.

There are 4 main branches of Elite Inc.
  1. Administration: Sets scope & policy for the organization, dictates laws & rules, Has final say over any decisions for the organization as a whole.
  2. Logistics: In charge of keeping track of all Elite Inc. resources including those used by Operations, of which the Military is a part. Their rules determine resource use in the whole of the organization, but their policy is set by Administration. Some parts of logistics walk a fine line between logistics and operations such as libraries, communications and transportation. While logistics manages these resources as to their availability and tracking, Operations is in charge of the daily workings of these things.
  3. Operations: This group comprises the bulk of Elite Inc. as a governmental structure. It includes the schools, courts, military, everything that makes up a typical government.
  4. The Military is seperated because it includes police and court functions as well. This part of Operations is specifically watched and tightly controlled by both Administration and Oversight.
  5. Oversight: This is the most important branch of Elite Inc. The governmental structure could exist without it but that is exactly where current governments fail. Checks & balances are only as good as those carrying them out. By having a seperate branch devoted to nothing but making sure everything else is properly done (following the Bill of Rights and Constitution as set forth by Administration, and less specifically, the rules of each branch internally), it is possible to let each other branch concentrate on it's duties and police itself without the normal fear of corruption. Oversight is the most autonomous branch of Elite Inc. given complete freedom to examine any aspect of any other branch. Administration and Oversight watch each other. Should a conflict arise between the two, the court system of Operations will step in as the final arbiter except in cases which concern the overall focus of the organization, in which Administration has final say.
The structure of operations is in a state of flux because of the variety of scale. Generally speaking, the military is structured near administration where it's structure was first used. Related to that are the Police and Court fuctions interacting as interpreters of the constitution and law, as well as enforcing them according to Administration dictates. generally speaking there is no need for a supreme court. every law is in constant review and if a conflict arises, administration must reword the law to eliminate it. The courts function as a means to deliver specific justice in specific cases. Their job is to sort all the specifics of particular cases and make sure every fact is accounted for and factored into their final decision. Near the military section are sections related to schooling and obtaing membership/citizenship. Futher away are things more closely related to logistics such as hospitilization, libraries (part of operations but administered by Logistics), and transportaion and communication (controlled by Operations but with Logistics keeping track of everything)

The final structure of both Logistics and Operations is under review and will evolve as needs arise.