Friday, September 21, 2012

HBL-A0042 - The Definition of Evil it resolved that:

Evil is that which exists contrary to it's own purpose.
  • Evil - That which exists contrary to the purpose of it's existance. ex. A villian is not evil if he is a good villian, contrariwise, a Christian is evil if he's a bad Christian.
  • A person who claims to be a psychopath can be a bad person, but as long as they are true to their stated reason for existing, they are not an evil person. Thus, hypocrisy is at the root of all evil. Likewise, if you do not claim to be a citizen, you are not evil to do things no citizen would do - and so on.

Why the government is evil...

Philosophically, the word evil is very hard to nail down. There are those who say that such a thing cannot exist, for nature creates every type of situation, both strife and otherwise, with no regard for the particulars of who, what, or how gets hurt. Others say that there is inherent evil based upon some particular criteria. It is in this last camp we vall, and with whom we have the greatest exception.

Following the ultimate logic of the first group we can reach the conclusion that *if* there is such a thing as evil, the standards for it must be so universal that they encompass the nature of nature itself, that is to say whatever happens does so without its own evil, evil must exist in another way.

This brings us to our defination of evil. "Evil is that which exists contrary to it's own purpose."

Let's use an analogy to make that easier to understand. Have you been somewhere lately where they have rules? Aha, then you've probably experienced evil. Another phrase you can use to sum it up is "ultimate hypocracy". When rules exist they exist for a purpose. As a general rule, rules become their own right, that is to say people justify them for their own sake as they do with the bible in christianity. Of course the government is the ultimate example of rules, and of course in the government where there are the most rules of all, some known as Law, the greatest examples of this analogy occur.

Many many things happen in government which are directly contrary to the very purpose of the government itself or the laws or rules it creates.
  • Example: Recently I was with a certain girl for a short period of time. During that time I loaned her a $200 phone and $80 to pay her electric bill. Rather than returning what was mine, when I bugged her about it (not excessivly by any stretch of the imagination) she went to the government and said she was afraid of me. Now with no regard for the truth, the government steps in and actively hurts exactly the opposite person in this situation whose side they should be against. Besides now not supposing to be going to an extablishment I was frequenting before her because she likes to go there, I have to take my time, money, and trouble to go to court, there is practically no chance of the decision being reversed because "for safety's sake" they'll take her word over mine with no proof or evidence whatsoever (which is impossible for there to exist since every single thing she said was a complete fabrication), it has become practically impossible for me to recover what is mine, and furthermore, any hint of the situation leaking out to certain parties which I have to do business with will result in that business being ruined as well. The law exists to protect those in harms way. What it actually does is hurt those accused whether they caused harm or not (causing harm to an innocent person based on the word of a guilty person in this particular case). Therefore this law is evil.
  • Example: I ordered something to be delivered via the US Postal Service. The delivery address was a PO Box. Rather than putting my item in my box, they filled out a piece of paper with information about the item. It would have taken them less time and trouble to simply deliver the item than to fill out the piece of paper but because of some rule they did it their way. The last two times I got one of these pieces of paper, I *NEVER* got the items I had ordered and through similar processes with another company I could never get my money back either. This particular item is important, and the money I had to spend on it was not extra. I do not have the resources to fight this matter if there is a problem which I have every reason to believe there will be. In the last two instances the USPS said they were not responsible. Their very existance is for delivering the mail. In this case not only are they not delivering it, they are doing something else which required More time and trouble. If I never get the mail, the full burden of the situation gone wrong will land on my shoulders. This package could be even more important than it is. It could easily be something someone's entire life swings on, a valued sentimental item, proof needed for a contract or protection measure, or a health aid. The USPS does not take the most logical measures to do what it exists for, and when the mail does not get delivered they don't care or take responsibility or blame. Therefore the USPS and their rules are evil.

When a system such as this exists, with little or no oversight, there is a severe problem. The existsnce of the government is contrary to it's stated purpose. Not only do myriad situations such as the above examples add up to an evil far greater than any Hitler or Saddam could create, but the following even greater evil presents itself.

There is no way to reverse course.

In the name of safety, law & order, or just it's supposed inherent righteousness, the government takes away our ability (ie. freedom) to produce effective results ourselves. Particularly in the case of justice, they say we should use their way, and there happens to be no other way that they won't harm you for using. So not only does their system not work, but they will harm you further if you take matters into your own hands.

The good of the people? Without checks & balances far beyond anything this government would even entertain a notion of, it is impossible for thsi government to exist along the lines of it's very existance. Every good it creates is balanced out by a visible evil, and thare are many more evils than goods that we Can't see.