Friday, September 21, 2012

HBL-A0051 - Mean People it resolved that:

All people who are mean and uncontentious should be considered assholes.

All assholes should be shot.

Anyone who's one or the other should be slapped in the back of the head, Hard.

There are circumstances which may arise which make it possible to OBJECTIVELY determine whether someone should be allowed to stay on the planet. The most basic and clear showing of this principle exists in relation to betraying trust, or to put it in terms of our definition of evil, to betray that which you should uphold. This is the definition of evil (HBLx)

Person A is in need of some money, and person B who has little but can spare it for a short time loans it. Person A then does not pay person B back, even though they have the means to do so, and in fact takes other measures against person B to prevent them from being able to recover their money. There are no further particulars in this case. It requires, in order to be able to do such a thing, a character flaw so deep that there can be no doubt that person A is an asshole. The other things which have happened in their life can have no bearing on this. There is no way to morally excuse such an action and to be capable of it requires a personality that is beyond worthless.

Because someone's most basic rights are life (because you were born with no choice), liberty (which is required to try to make any use of your life), and the pursuit of happiness (without which life and liberty are pointless), and because they infringe upon those rights of yours in the most fundamental way. Not only are they doing morally wrong, they are doing morally wrong when they are specifically supposed to, both by social and actual contract, be doing morally good.

There are certain things a good person simply cannot bring themselves to do. One example of this would be to treat negatively a person who has just helped them. Another example is to hold someone responsible for something clearly beyond their control. A third example is, if they have harmed another, to react to that person's defense by attacking. These are all things that bad people commonly do, and that are ignored or justified in various ways by society.