Thursday, September 20, 2012

HBL-A0030 - "The Doggie Project"

establish "the doggie project" to help with the feral dog problem, starting in detroit, and spreading to other major urban areas as necessary.

purpose: to establish zones for containing as many feral animals as possible in order to better control or manage the associated issues as an alternative between underfunded shelters which offer better care and options and the ongoing street-level steps which accomplish little but to help stem the tide.

Project Tree

Project Phases
  1. come up with a name
  2. make a presentable project
  3. find funding for inital setup (non-profit, publicity)
  4. polish project for public presentation
  5. present/get approval
  6. fund-raising
  7. create haven

Work Flow
  • catching/getting the dogs
  • intake (tagging, shots, spay/neuter
  • food, fighting