Friday, September 21, 2012

HBL-A0041 - Refutations of Various Forms of Government it resolved that:
  • Democracy: is unworkable because it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to create a balanced means of determining everyone's wants, many people don't even know themselves because they haven't fully examined, or are not capable of fully (and unbiasedly) examining a given issue, and because even if those issues were dealt with, at least half of the population has an intelligence less than average, and presumably less than is required to be able to make the correct decision on a given topic.
  • Communism: is unworkable because those in charge of the logistics of it will, through a natural process called human nature, always be a higher caste and will take undue advantage of their position.
  • Socialism: is unworkable because as a form of communism it gives to people according to their apparent needs which is determined by some people or according to some criteria which can never be properly balanced or unbiased.
  • Anarchism: is unworkable because when there is a governmental vacuum, something will arise to fill it.
We believe in an intellectual oligarchy of socialist libertarianism for the following reasons:

First to define the terms. An intellectual oligarchy means that a small group of people, in this case chosen for their expertise in government (not how to play it, but scholastically), who are intellectuals are in charge. socialist libertarianism means that the government should first provide everyone's basic needs, then be as small as possible.

The first thing that's probably coming to your mind is that we just said socialism is unworkable. In it's usual form it is. In this instance, the libertarianism part which follows is specifically designed to prevent that type of abuse. Morally speaking it is necessary for any government worthy of it's position to prevent problems like homelessness and hunger to the best of it's ability, which is what socialism is designed for. After you have prevented those type of problems (for the good of every man in it's most true, least complicated form), then you have done the basic responsibility of government and can move on to more complex matters. In the other matters, things which are less of a need like safety or comfort, you have to balance your responsibility for trying to help people with the need to prevent abuse or unfairness. This is where libertarianism comes in. Libertarianism by itself means government as small as possible. We reject this merely because it doesn't allow for some things that only the government can do like preventing starvation. Ayn Rand's objectivism shows the ultimate form of libertarianism by itself, everyone for themselves first, a form of anarchy. finish later

  • Benevolent Dictatorship - The form of government which is most likely to result in a happy world for everyone.
  • Intellectual Oligarchy - A system of government where the people in charge have been tested to be tops in the following three categores: a) Intelligence. Without an IQ of at LEAST 120, it is not possible to use the information you have sufficiently well to rule others. b) Knowledge. You must have a solid grounding in the principles of basic science, logic, psychology, sociology, ethics, philosophy, political science (theory not practical), and so forth. c) Concientiousness. In order to make a good ruler you would have to want to rule, and want to do right for the people you're ruling.
  • Libertarian Socialism - Everyone's basic needs should be met, then the government should be as small as possible.