Thursday, September 20, 2012

HBL-A0021 - Active Duty

  • If justice exists, all other things worthy of human endeavor will fall naturally into place or at least have no unnatural barriers to coming to fruition.
  • The first prerequisite for justice is truth. 
  • You cannot derive logically correct conclusions without correct premises. 
  • It is reasonable to accept 51% certainty as though it were 100% since nothing can ever be more true, more important, etc.
  • A prerequisite for truth is mindfulness. Without it you cannot judge the correctness of your senses in order to have correct premises. Further, your thoughts and actions will not (without it) be chosen by an act of will but by your subconscious, genetics, habit, and rote. You can take no credit for positive results or negative but may only be held accountable for your lack of mindfulness.
  • You must truthfully evaluate the validity of your senses and your reason.